Backflow Certification

What is a Backflow?

A backflow device is installed on the front-end of the system, after the stop-and-waste valve (the valve off of the main to turn water on and off).  Its sole job is to keep water that gets into your sprinkler lines from getting back into the city's main water lines.  Once the water flows thru the backflow device, it cannot flow back into the main line.

Why is a Backflow device important?

A backflow device is the single most important part of your underground sprinkler system.   It keeps you and your community safe from contaminants, like fertilizer.  If something like fertilizer were to flow into the city's main line, it would be spread into the drinking water of everybody in the surrounding area.

What laws surround Backflows?

Within city limits in the state of Idaho, a double-check valve is the minimum form of protection required.  It is required to be certified upon installation and annually.

Can anybody certify a backflow?

Only a licensed backflow technician can legally certify a backflow. In all, the certification process is relatively short, requiring the proper testing equipment to make sure the backflow is functioning at a level that protects everyone.  Backflows can fail for various reasons, that's why its so important to maintain annual certification.  After completion of the certification, a backflow report is filled out and sent to a coordinating water surveyor of the area so they know your drinking water is safe.

Sprinklers Northwest has multiple technicians that are trained and licensed to complete these certifications.

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