Landscape Lighting

What are some of the advantages to outdoor lighting?

  1. Security: Landscape Lighting provides security to your home. It can help to reduce worry from forgetting to leave on lights when you go away for a weekend. Statistics show that a well-lit home is less likely to be burglarized. Professional grade landscape lighting can be set to a timer that turns on every evening upon getting dark. There are even some applications that can be attached to your phone!
  2. Safety: Walkways, pathways, and driveways can now be a safer place during nighttime. Reduce the risk of tripping next time you must take out the garbage in the dark or for family and friends coming over to visit. Landscape lighting can guarantee each step is visible.
  3. Visual: You can add an element of charm and elegance to your home and landscaping when you add the detail of spotlighting the aspects that you love about your yard. Adding lights to plants and pathways will enable you to enjoy your home not just during the day but also after it gets dark.
  4. Efficient: Previously, outdoor lighting would be a costly addition due to the amount of electricity used, resulting in higher monthly utility bills. With new technology evolving in LED lighting, these costs are not as dramatic as one might think. LED lights consume far less electricity than a traditional light bulb. They can direct light in a specific direction, making it an efficient way to light steps or any chosen feature.

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