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Sprinklers Northwest focuses most of its efforts in providing sprinkler systems to people with existing lawns.  We perform many installations for newer homes and commercial work, but have found the most satisfaction we receive is providing a sprinkler system for people who have been watering their lawns for 20 years and are ready to upgrade to an automatic system.

Quality Sprinkler Systems Require Quality Parts

Sprinkler systems should be built to last with quality products as the backbone.  We use commercial grade parts, unlike the box stores, including brands such as Irritrol, K-Rain and Wilkins.  In an effort to provide a durable long-lasting system, we do not take shortcuts.

Why Use A Professional Sprinkler System Installer

When designing the system, we make sure that each sprinkler zone is watering an area where the amount of sun is consistent. For example, if a sprinkler zone is watering an area abundant with sun or with minimal sun, overwatering or under watering will occur.  The overall success of a customer's yard depends on even distribution of water between sunny and shaded areas (example- 25 minutes of water for the high sun areas and as little as 1-2 minutes every other day for the low sun areas).  If this very important step is skipped to save money, then you will have mossy areas, dry areas, and sometimes even flooding will occur.

There are a few key points to a quality sprinkler system:

  1. How is the backflow installed and on what side is the ¾ inch blow-out placed?  It is imperative that the sprinkler blow-out be placed after the backflow device.  Placing it before the backflow will add additional wear on the backflow over time, which will eventually cause it to fail its test in the spring.  Backflows are designed for water to flow thru them, not air.  The added pressure and oils that come from compressors are really hard on the device.
  2. How much time is taken in the height setting of key parts of the sprinkler system?  Examples: Are sprinkler boxes level with the ground or will the lawnmower scrape and damage?  Are head heights set properly?  A perfectly set sprinkler head should be able to be seen but should not be felt under your foot if stepped on.
  3. Are the parts being used commercial grade or do they come from box stores?
  4. How does your yard look at the completion of the job?   Imperative to an install is the clean up of the project after all digging is complete and all parts are installed.

Sprinklers Northwest understands that the trenching process can give homeowners anxiety.   Needless to say, we pride ourselves in making your yard look better than it did when we arrived.  We do not stop our clean-up process until you are completely happy with the final product.  We take on every yard as if it were our own!

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