Sprinkler Blowouts

End of Season Sprinkler Blowouts

At the end of every season, it is very important to have your water system drained and blown out.

There are a few major steps in a sprinkler blow-out that are often missed by companies with little experience.   The steps missed most in a sprinkler blowout are: There are 4 test cocks on the top of a backflow unit.   Each test cock unit can be opened by turning the side of it a quarter turn.  If this step is skipped, the water between the backflow and stop-and-waste will remain in the pipe all winter. Companies with limited blow-out experience will only hook up to the ¾ inch blow-out placed after the backflow.

Since a backflow is designed to stop anything from going in reverse, no air gets to the opposite side of the backflow.   Thus, leaving water in the pipes for the winter.   Once the backflow is drained, a sprinkler blow-out is a fairly simple process of opening each zone, one at a time, until all water is gone.

Efficiency To Save You Money

We offer a full 1-year warranty on our blow-outs.   If a system gets turned on in the spring and anything on the system is damaged due to freezing, parts are replaced at no cost to the customer.

We pride ourselves in knowing that we offer a complete blow-out package that is honored from the time you schedule your blow-out until the time you turn your sprinklers on the following year.

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