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About Us

Sprinklers Northwest was founded in the spring of 2006 with the intention of providing a quality sprinkler system to homeowners with existing lawns at the lowest price. The company was founded by Mike Alexander with Joshua Brotherton as General Manager. Joshua has been and an essential part of Sprinklers Northwest with exceptional work ethic, quality customer service, and natural industriousness. There is not a customer that he does not know on a first name basis and is completely satisfied with all his work.

Sprinklers Northwest since its first day of business has focused its efforts on the relationships of its customers and the highest possible customer service. Sprinklers Northwest focuses on forming relationships with customers that will last for years. We are experts in building the best sprinkler system at the most affordable price in the North Idaho area.

To provide a more complete service to customers, Sprinklers Northwest is backflow certified. Backflows are an essential part of the communities water system and required by law in all of Idaho. Sprinklers Northwest has two individuals B.A.T. certified with the State.